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Who I am?

Hello, my name is Gilles Vauvarin and the founder of Confdays. I live in Thonon les Bains, a small town located in a nice area between Lake Geneva, Switzerland and the French Alps. Of course, as a good French person, I buy my “baguette de pain” every morning to eat my smelly cheese.

I’ve been passionate about web technology since 1996 and before founding Confdays, I worked as web engineer and webdesigner for different public institutions in Paris and Geneva. I am also a teacher at the university of Corsica and I've built web application for twenty years.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, I’ll be grateful for you taking the time. Feedback is really helpful, as I will be able to improve Confdays further. It also helps me to focus on the right features.

Why Confdays?

I’ve participated in several conferences for several years as speaker, sponsor or organizer :

  • Paris Web,
  • WordCamp Paris,
  • WordCamp Geneva,
  • WPTech Nantes

These experiences have convinced me that a website is a key strategic element to the success of any conference. But building a conference website is not the easiest part. It’s time consuming and requires to hiring specific profiles in your team like developers, designers and system administrators. Some rare profiles available nowadays!

With this in mind, I’ve decided to use my professional web skills and conference experience to imagine an online solution to help organizers building and managing their own event.

Confdays - Gilles Vauvarin

1 rue Alexandre Gander
74200 Thonon les bains