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Confdays Lexicon

Administration area

The administration area is the graphical interface used to define the options and content of the website. This area is accessible by login/password. Only users with an administrator or organizer role have access rights to the administration area.

The administration area allows:

  • Define the site options.
  • Create, edit, delete the pages of the site.
  • Create, edit, delete users of the site.


The dashboard is a different graphical interface from the administration area. The dashboard functionality adapts to the role of the connected user.

The dashboard displays more or less features depending on the role of the connected user.

Administrators and organizers have access rights to both spaces (administration area and dashboard). Evaluators and speakers only have access to the dashboard.

The dashboard allows:

Administrator, organizer, evaluator, speaker

  • To enter or modify profile's information.
  • To add "talk"proposals.

Administrator, organizer, evaluator.

  • Evaluate proposals.

Administrator, organizer

  • To have an overview of proposals, candidates, evaluators, evaluations, selected candidates (speakers), selected proposals (presentations).
  • Access to the support.


A candidate is a user who registers and proposes one or more "talk"proposals.

If a registered candidate does not enter proposals in his or her private area, he or she will not appear in the dashboard candidate list. On the other hand, it will appear in the list of users of the site's administration area.


A speaker is a candidate from whom at least one proposal has been selected.


A proposal is a "talk" proposal submitted by a candidat.


A presentation is a "talk" proposal that has been selected by the administrator. A proposal is considered selected when its status is changed to "Visible". This status change takes place in the administration area.


A page is a piece of content that displays itself on your site and is accessible via the website menu. The pages can be edited in the administration area.

Page module

A page module is a type of pre-defined content with options and content. Page modules are used to customize the "Home" and "Venue"pages.