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Learn how to build your conference website
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What is Confdays?


Confdays is a web service for conference organizers.

Confdays provides:

  • A turnkey website for your conference.
  • A site administration area.
  • A registration form for the call for speakers.
  • A private area for speakers.
  • A private area for evaluators.
  • A dashboard for organizers and administrators.

It is therefore a comprehensive online tool that facilitates the work of conference organizers by providing a pre-installed website and centralizing the registration of candidates and the evaluation of proposals.

The purpose of this web tool is to reduce the time spent designing and building your conference website. It also reduces the amount of mail to be processed by offering a private area to manage the call for contributions and evaluations. Finally, it avoids numerous 'copy-and-paste' between your website and Excel tables, your data being entered and processed in a single online tool.

Turnkey website

When you subscribe to a Confdays subscription, you have an online website within minutes. You must then add your content via an administration area accessible with a login/password.

Confdays is a web service hosted in the cloud. That means you don't need to worry about hosting your website or setting a web server.

Administration area

The administration area is accessible only by users with administrator and organizer role. This administrative area allows you to control the website's settings and content.

The administration area consists of three main sections:

  • The "Site Options" section which allows you to define the settings of your conference website.

  • The "Dashboard" section which groups the pages of your website and other useful widgets.

  • The "Users" section which allows you to manage the creation, editing or deletion of your users.

Some pages are dynamically generated by your website when you load your content via the administration area. The structure, presentation and design of the information is already designed to save you time.

This concerns the following pages:

  • List of speakers
  • List of presentations
  • Schedule
  • List of organizers
  • List of sponsors
  • Registration form
  • Login page

The "Home" and "Venu" pages can be built by assembling "Modules" of predefined content.

You can also add your own pages and subpages according to the needs of your website.

Registration form

The registration of your speaker candidates is done online using a form accessible from the menu of your website. You can decide when to make this link appear in the site menu. For example, you can make it appear during the call for contributions period and hide it when the contribution deadline is reached.

This registration form can be used to create an "assessor" or "organizer" account.

Speaking private area

Once registered, each candidate has access to his or her own private area where he or she can enter, modify and delete information from his or her profile and "talk"proposals. The edit mode can be removed by the administrator during the evaluation period to prevent the information from being changed, for example.

Evaluator private area

Evaluators are individual users who can apply to the call for contributions and evaluate proposals from other candidates. The proposals are allocated to evaluators by the administrator.

The evaluators' private area provides access to two types of content:

  • The personal information of the evaluator, i. e. his profile and his "talk"proposals.

  • The list of proposals to be evaluated with any comments from other evaluators as well as the list of evaluations already carried out.

Dashboard for organizers

The dashboard is accessible to the organizers and administrators. By default, they are also considered as evaluators, so they may have some proposals to evaluate.

The dashboard provides an overview of information on candidates, proposals and evaluators.