Petrol prices in the US hit a 7-year high

Petrol prices in the US hit a 7-year high

Lines are lined up at petrol stations in the US. People are stocking up on fuel for fear of a shortage. It all started when, on the night of 7 May, there was a cyberattack on the systems that control the operation of the US oil pipeline. As a result, operations were suspended and fuel prices soared to their highest point in seven years. The US Secretary of Energy urged people not to stock up on gasoline, but that didn’t help much. The pipeline management system has now been restarted, but it will take a few days to fully restore everything.

Tesla has announced it will stop selling its cars for bitcoins. According to Ilon Musk, too much electricity is used to create the cryptocurrency, and in turn, a lot of fossil fuels are burned to produce it, which harms the environment. Admittedly, not everyone believed this. Some analysts noted that the Tesla owner’s statement coincided with a steep fall in the value of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency fell in price by more than 15 percent at once. A single bitcoin is now worth less than $40,000.

Nuclear fuel buried after the accident is being detected at Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Sensors under the fourth unit’s sarcophagus show an increase in the number of neutrons, and some scientists believe this could lead to another Chernobyl disaster within a few years. However, experts assure that the process will continue until all radionuclides have decayed, a process that will take thousands of years.

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