All information in one place

A private dashboard to stop juggling between your emails and your Excels tables
Your speakers and evaluators become autonomous, you keep an eye on everything

dashboard screenshot

The dashboard provides an overview of submissions and evaluations.
The dashboard adapts its appearance according to the role assigned to the user.

puce  Administrator & organizers

As an administrator or organizer, you have access to an overview of all proposals, whether they are proposed or validated. You can evaluate the proposals online and manage your own proposals in your profile.

puce  Evaluators

Evaluators have access to the proposals assigned to them. They can also submit proposals and manage their own user accounts.

puce  Speaker candidates

Speaker candidates only have access to their user account where they can add, delete or modify their proposals and profile.

Make your life easier

Ready made and hosted website available in minutes
Optimize your time to focus on your conference

conference website screenshot

Confdays allows conference organizers to visually create a sophisticated conference website
with no code and launch it in a few clicks.


Pre-built website

To save time, the following pages are dynamically generated and designed with your content:


You will be able to add as many new pages and sub-pages as you need.


Administration area

You don't need to be an IT engineer to build your conference website.

The content pages are generated automatically, the landing pages and "Venue"page are built using modules that you order and configure yourself.

Confdays offers a clean and easy-to-use administration area to manage your users and the content of your site.

As an administrator, you control everything!


Call for papers

Why not let your candidates manage their own proposals and profile directly on your website with full autonomy?

Confdays facilitates the call for papers process by providing a private interface for each candidate.

From there, they can add, read, edit or delete their information.


Proposal evaluation

To select your future speakers and talks, an evaluation system lets your evaluators score and comment on the proposals.

Once the selection is terminated, just change the best proposals status to "visible" to publish your speakers and their presentations online.

Yes it's that simple!


Hosted website

Don't worry about finding a company to host your website or setting up a web server. Confdays take care about all technical part.

Your website will be host on his own virtual web server for better performance and security.

And last but not least, all your content will be safe with a daily backup.

No IT to deal with

Don't worry about anything, Confdays watches your website
Let Confdays take care of the boring technical part.


puce  Virtual web server

One customer - one web server:
40/60/100 Go SSD storage,
2/4/8 Go RAM memory,
1/2/4 CPU,
2/3/4000 Gb bandwidth.

puce  Performance

Confdays uses state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to deliver the best possible user experience. Don’t waste time waiting for your site to load: get straight to the point.

puce  Security

Firewall, monitor notifications, backup, complex password policy, transactions with strong encryption SSL certificat. At Confdays, we do our best to keep your data safe.

puce  Mobile & tablet friendly

As your visitors switch from their PC to tablet or laptop to mobile, your conference website will automatically switch to accommodate for different screen size.

puce  Custom domain

By default, Confdays provides a free sub-domain. If you have purchased your own custom domain, we can help you to set this domain up on your Confdays website.

puce  Automated backup

Your website content is saved automatically every single day. Our backup solution uses cryptography to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of your data.

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