Rishi Sunak elected new UK prime minister

Rishi Sunak elected new UK prime minister

Former British finance minister Rishi Sunak will become the new British prime minister. This became known after another candidate for the post of leader of the Conservative Party – the leader of the House of Commons of the British Parliament Penny Mordaunt – was unable to enlist the support of at least 100 Conservative MPs.

Last night, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not run for party leader, even though he said he had already secured the support he needed.

Already on October 24, King Charles III of Great Britain will instruct Sunak to form a new government. Recall that Liz Truss lasted only 44 days as prime minister and announced her resignation on October 20.

Sunak, 42, will become Britain’s youngest prime minister in over 200 years. He was born in Southampton in the south of England to Indian parents who emigrated to the UK from East Africa. After graduating from Oxford, he received an MBA from Stanford University, where he met his future wife, the daughter of billionaire Narayan Murthy, co-founder of the tech giant Infosys (worth, according to Forbes Real-Time, $4.5 billion).

Sunak worked as an analyst for Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and quickly rose through the ranks in the Conservative Party – in 2015 he was elected to Parliament, where he immediately supported Brexit. In 2020, at the age of 39, he headed the British Treasury. Then the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the world and Sunak managed to develop a scheme of layoffs that allowed the country to survive the upheaval.